Green Mondays

A simple way to address some of the world’s most serious environmental, public health, and animal welfare problems by empowering governments, private companies, and individuals to make more socially and environmentally responsible choices -- particularly by decreasing their consumption of eggs, meat, and dairy products. Green Monday is supported by Humane Society International.

Why Meat Free?

It's good for you

Studies have found that those who eat plant-based diets tend to have a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.

It's good for the planet

Eating plant-based at least one day per week helps to reduce impact on the environment, including water use, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

It's good for animals

Reducing or eliminating consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs means fewer animals will suffer cruel confinement on factory farms.

About the

Green Monday is a movement that encourages governments, institutions, private companies, and individuals to replace meat, eggs and milk with plant-based foods at least one day a week.

With increasing stress on the environment, the rising rates of obesity-related illnesses, and the widespread intensification of animal agriculture, the importance of finding pragmatic ways to address these issues has never been more pressing. Green Monday is a simple and effective way to lessen our impact. As individuals, we can make the simple change just one day a week — collectively we can begin to address the health, environmental and animal welfare problems that stem from raising 77 billion land animals for food each year.

Green Monday is part of a growing trend towards more plant based eating in both developed and developing countries. The majority of growth in animal agriculture, particularly industrial animal agriculture, is taking place in developing and emerging economies, posing significant threats to the environment, human health and the welfare of all animals.

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Humane Society International also supports Meat Reduction efforts in Bangladesh, Nigeria, and other parts of the world. To learn how to bring Green Monday to your country, school, business or place of worship, to volunteer for the campaign, or for general questions, please contact Chetana Mirle.